All Roads Lead to… Austin

What makes a city “liveable”? According to EUI’s (the Economist Intelligence Unit) Global Liveability Index, there are five categories to consider. They are the stability of the city, healthcare availability, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure. Each of those categories breaks down into 30 factors to determine a city’s liveability.

Forget all that for the moment. Austin has been my home for almost 30 years. I love it here because of the sunny days, the endless music and food options, the people, and the outdoor spaces to enjoy. IMHO, if you’re going to live in Texas, Austin is the best city to call home.

There are well over 200 days of sunshine yearly in the capital city. If you suffer from seasonal mood disorder due to too many greys, overcast, drizzly days, you can say “goodbye and good riddance” to that! Sunny, long days filled with blue skies are an almost everyday occurrence in Austin.

All that sunshine comes with a price though. HEAT! Yes, this is Texas after all. Those spaghetti westerns with heat vapors rising from the ground at the cowboy’s boots could have been filmed on the hot earth right here in Texas. But never fear, we have air-conditioned bars serving up Mexican martini to cool you down. If the bars aren’t your scene, then take a plunge year-round in Barton Springs Pool. The waters there are spring-fed and stay a constant, refreshing 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit! Now that’s cool!

Austin is known as the “Live Music Capital of the World”. Yes, people come from all over the world to listen to a wide variety of music annually at SXSW. A pass will get you into all kinds of venues to feast upon music for two weeks into the wee hours of the mornings. We are not known for live music exclusively during SXSW. The favorable weather allows for music at both indoor and outdoor venues year-round. Dance barefooted in the grass at Zilker Park or at a historic honky-tonk with your favorite pair of boots on.

This brings me to another one of my favorite things about Austin: Southern hospitality. The baggers at our Texas-owned grocery chain, HEB, still offer to help you take your groceries to your car, a gentleman will always hold the door for a lady, and car horns are not used unless it’s to encourage a stray steer off the road. Our once sleepy little university town is growing by leaps and bounds these days, so keep that in mind if you run into impoliteness. Chances are that comes from someone new to Austin, or to be completely fair, an older native frustrated by the Mach-speed changes happening.

Lastly, Austin offers all kinds of cuisine to enjoy. It ranges from vegan fare to barbecue meat wrapped in paper that’s so delicious that it’s sacrilegious to add sauce. Of course, there’s a plethora of Tex-Mex restaurants to choose from, as well as nouveau cuisine downtown and in the suburbs of North and South Austin.

These are some of the fun reasons I believe Austin to be a liveable city. Come check us out. I think you’ll like it here.


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