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We understand that it might be hard to buy or sell a green home in Austin, TX. Austin Solar Realtor is a locally-owned firm with a stellar reputation and many valued clients. Our real estate experts will direct you throughout the process and make everything as quick and painless as possible.


Are You Searching For Homes With Green Features In Austin, TX?

Get in touch with Austin Solar Realtor for guidance through the process!

Are You Searching For Homes With Green Features In Austin, TX?

Get in touch with Austin Solar Realtor for guidance through the process!

Environmentally-Friendly Homes

Homes with renewable energy and energy-efficient appliances help to reduce environmental impact. If you’re a green homeowner, you may feel like you’re doing your part to support the world because a green home’s carbon footprint can be significantly less than that of a traditional home. If you’re a buyer, you can feel good about the home you’re purchasing, as green homes are one of the easiest ways to make a positive contribution to the environment. As much as we can, we help potential buyers see that they have a part to play in this change. Many consumers are happy to pay a little more for a home that has positive ethical implications.

Homes With the Future in Mind

Renewable energy options, such as solar panels, will help a home produce its own energy, minimizing monthly utility consumption. Water conservation is another major saving factor. Effective irrigation systems and low-flow faucets and showerheads will help minimize water consumption while dramatically reducing the monthly bills.

When selling a greenhouse, we let prospective buyers know what kind of average savings they can expect. The exact amount varies depending on the renewable energy sources and appliances used in the house. Our real estate experts do their homework before listing or showing a home and prepare thoroughly to answer questions knowledgeably. A green home helps homeowners save thousands of dollars annually, which they may be happy to pay more

Healthy Living

Health-conscious buyers would be delighted to know that green homes tend to have much better indoor air quality than traditional homes. Green construction materials used in green homes result in less air pollution, and the ventilation system allows fresh air to cycle in and out of the home. Superior air quality also helps boost respiratory health. Moreover, elements such as eco-friendly paint and natural light may also positively affect physical and mental well-being.

Buy the Green Home of Your Dreams

You want an environment-friendly, safe, and healthy lifestyle, but you also want to live in a luxury home. Although this may seem unlikely, with the guidance of our real estate experts, you can discover that you can have your dream green home with a gold standard.

Our experts will help ensure you receive notifications about the latest green home listings in Austin, TX, and keep you up to date on the latest green initiatives and innovations.

Austin Green Homes

At Austin Solar Realtor, we have a primary focus on environmental sustainability. Green homes are energy-efficient, environment-friendly, and sensitive to the home inhabitants’ health. This may include integrating solar energy, smart thermostats, energy-efficient appliances, indoor and landscaping features for water conservation, and recycled or environmentally friendly building materials such as bamboo. It may also mean taking advantage of a construction site’s natural aspects, such as the sun and tree cover, and improving energy production. Moreover, green homes may also improve indoor health of the home, eliminating toxic paints and floor coverings, and other construction materials that may release hazardous gasses into the interior of a home.

Many homes have one to several green features, particularly with modern-built homes in terms of energy efficiency.

Component of Green Building


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Listing & Selling Your Green Home Might be Easier than You Think

Green homes are a realistic, cost-effective housing alternative. Your home has green features, and there’s an eco-friendly buyer out there searching for a green home. But how are the two of you going to connect?

Austin Solar Realtor connects buyers and sellers to green real estate experts who understand how to market high-performance homes more specifically and help connect sellers with buyers looking for a home that suits their eco-friendly lifestyle.

Why List Your Home with Austin Solar Realtor?

When selling a house, going green can increase its value. Homes that show more energy efficiency will command higher purchase rates because of their ability to save on utility bills. However, a green home might not be on every buyer’s mind. Some prospective buyers may initially be less interested in buying a green home, but we do our best to be an expert on how an energy-efficient home can help them. We understand that even those who are not interested in environmental awareness may be interested in buying green homes due to their financial or health benefits. With proper planning and a focus on green living’s main benefits, we can encourage potential buyers to think about investing in sustainable homes.

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Green Home Standards

For those who are serious about finding a green-certified home, the Model Green Home Building Guidelines are issued by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Leadership in Energy Efficient and Environmental Design certification is provided by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

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